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Travel Essential Kit

$57.50 $70.47

1 review

Pick up this perfect travel kit. It is filled with all the toxin-free daily, essential products you need for your getaway.  

Kit includes:

EARTH Trace Mineral Deodorant - its botanical formula naturally combats odor in two ways while supporting healthy lymphatic and endocrine systems.


Make a great first impression with a fresh mouth! You get the 

      • remineralizing tooth powder with organic xylitol 
      • stainless steel tongue scraper 
      • essential oil-infused Dental Floss.  

Our blend of potent herbs will make your teeth squeaky clean. You’ll wonder why everything doesn’t work this well.

SMOOTH Lip Hydrator

Everyone hates chapped lips; keep yours soft and supple with our organically flavored essential oil-boosted lip balm. We promise it doesn’t get much better than this.

A Deluxe HYDRATE Oil Sample. This botanical oil is formulated for your body, hair, and face. Our superior blend proves not all oils are created equally.

A sticker 

Put it on your water bottle to tell the world about your new favorites.  

**Take a picture of where you place your sticker, share it on social media, tag 3 friends, including us, and get a free SMOOTH Lip Hydrator with your next purchase!

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Jennifer Beaster
Sabali Pure

When I put these pure products on my face I dint have to worry about harmful chemicals that disrupt the holy temple. These products arnt your typical natural products. They are handcrafted with pure ingredients and intentions for mother earth. I love the lip balm it shines and moisturizes my dry lips. The skin oil does not make my face breakout like most products do. I confidently confide in these natural derived ingredients. The deodorant is firm but when applied it softens and you can smell the aroma oils afterwards. Toothpaste took me awhile to adjust because I'm not use to powder form but truly once it's wet you can feel it refresh your mouth and doesn't leave an after taste like most natural toothpastes do. It's more than products it's pure and what humans are ment to use.