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Palm oil plantations encircle what is left of this Indonesian rainforest

When we discovered Illipe Butter, everything literally STOPPED!

We were finalizing our formulas to move on to package design when we learned of a little-known butter with colossal impact. It didn't take long to realize we needed to stop everything. The story of the Illipe tree and the people touched us on a soul level. We knew we had to reformulate our existing products and commit to using Illipe Butter in every way we could.


Organizations like Forest Wise support local economies by helping them cultivate their existing natural resources like the Illipe Tree. Their work helps maintain biodiversity, protects endangered animal life, and limits greenhouse gas production. Studies show; that villages that work with organizations like Forestwise generate more money by using the existing vegetation (Illipe trees) than if they sell the land to exploitive conglomerates who seek to expand their palm oil riches.

For more information, please visit Forstwise website

Always Palm Oil-Free

We will NEVER use palm oil in our products! Palm oil is used throughout the industry because it is cheap.

Other Manufacturers will try to sell you on the virtues of palm oil.
Please don't be fooled. Money is what drives the use of Palm Oil.
You may wonder how palm oil can be so inexpensive. Poor working conditions and labor abuses, including the human trafficking of children, combined with the economic conditions of the countries where the oil is produced, all play a part.

We will NEVER use palm oil because it goes against our value system.

By using illipe butter in all our products,