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Statistics like the one above is we commited to finding eco-friendly packaging solutions for all of our products.

We began the package design process for our EARTH Trace Mineral Deodorant and SMOOTH Lip Hydrators tubes knowing we wanted Cardboard.

When we learned that we could design tubes that could break down and go back to the Earth in less than 60 days, our CEO took one look at her garden and knew COMPOSTABLE was our only option.

Then we learned about the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC is an international organization that works with governments and businesses to help ensure forests are around for generations to come. In addition to ecological standards, the FSC also monitors the labor conditions of workers in the industry.

Our decision to work with a FSC-Certified manufacturer is our way of saying we love the Earth and people.

For more information on the Forest Stewardship Council visit website

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