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Cosmic Body Combo - Standard Pack

$110.00 $157.00

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Introducing a harmonious collaboration between Sabali Pure and Big E Astrology. Prepare to detoxify your body and uplift your spirit with Sabali Pure’s whole plant energy. Discover new dimensions of self-awareness through a personalized reading from Big E Astrology.

Created by a passionate husband and wife team, these kits are your gateway to experiencing the finest offerings of nature and the universe. Choose our Standard Kit or Deluxe Kit, designed to nourish your body and soul.

The Standard Kit includes 

Sabali Pure’s

  1. Seasonal Collection of SMOOTH Lip Hydrators. These luxurious lip balms will keep your lips smooth, moisturized, and protected.
  2. An Audio Birth Chart Reading featuring video summaries of your planetary placements.
  3. A copy of your birth chart, and a comprehensive audio assessment.

Dive deep into the secrets the stars hold for you.


Please see full ingredient lists on the product pages.

 **The EARTH Trace Mineral Deodorant Kit will be sent with Sandalwood Rose and Lavender Lemongrass.  If you would like a different combination please leave a note when  ordering.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Krystalynn Gier

First of all, the lip balms are awesome! I love how hydrating they make my lips feel (and my fave is the Winter one)! I also really enjoyed my reading with Eric! He was very thorough and helpful to understand all of the intricacies in Astrology!