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3-Step Healthy Mouth Kit

$21.50 $30.00

2 reviews

Our mouth is a gateway to our body and health; its importance cannot be underestimated.  

Like everything else we do here at Sabali Pure, we turn to plants to detox and achieve balance. Following our 3-Step Healthy Mouth System gives you the essential tools to achieve a higher level of oral health.

Step 1: Surgical Grade Stainless Steel* Tongue Scraper

Why you should use a Tongue Scraper

  1. Remove Bacteria 
  2. Better Sense of Taste 
  3. Activates Organs
  4. Better Digestion 

*We have chosen not to use copper because it can potentially cause heavy metal toxicity.

Step 2: Coffee or Charcoal Infused Dental Floss

  • Coffee floss emits negative ions, which attract the positive ions of plaque. 
  • Charcoal Floss detoxes and removes stains

Step 3: Remineralizing Tooth Powder w/ Organic Xylitol

We considered every aspect of your oral health when formulating this special powder. We detox your mouth so that you will say goodbye to bad and morning breath FOREVER! Our powder will remineralize and whiten your teeth and heal your gums.  

We promise you will experience the cleanest mouth you have ever had, and the best part is that it tastes GOOD!



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Melissa Palmer
Clean, fresh, amazing

This system is amazing! The tooth powder tastes great and my mouth feels great afterward. No icky chemical taste from artificial flavorings or chemical additives

Thank you! I have been amazed at how clean the Tongue Scraper has made my mouth feel. It's crazy how much gunk is on our tongues!

Danny Figueroa
Great Healthy Mouth Kit!

This is my first purchase and I love this 3-Step Healthy Mouth Kit! The Fresh Mint tooth powder has a good taste and keeps my mouth feeling fresh and clean. The trace mineral deodorant made with lavender lemongrass smells great and it last all day long, I was even surprised it last till the next morning for me. The Tongue scraper and Charcoal Infused Dental Floss are awesome. Another thing I like about these product is the design and how everything is packaged and the tubes are compostable! I'm very please with the products and will continue to buy from Sabali Pure. :)

Thank you so much for your review it means the world to me!