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Head-to-Head Ingredient Comparison with Native Natural - 2022

Head-to-Head Ingredient Comparison with Native Natural - 2022

People often ask about the ingredients in their deodorants

I have been making natural deodorant for over six years.  In that time I have learned  a lot about the ingredients that are used throughout the industry.  The majority of these ingredients have little to do with health and more to do with shelf-life and cost containment. 

I have done  a lot of head-to-head comparisons of ingredients for people who are curious to know how their deodorant stacks up to mine.  Most of the time the people I do these comparisons for are surprised, especially if they are currently using a store bought natural deodorant.  

The idea for this head-to-head challenge grew from conversation amongst three boy-moms.  We sat a a picnic table and talked  as we kept an eye our our boy playing beside the lake skipping rocks.  As we causally chatted about mom stuff and I was asked about my business.  This led to a conversation about deodorants and of course one of the moms was a Native Natural user.  Talking to a Native use is definitely not uncommon, especially since Native has become one of the most recognizable deodorant lines due it being purchased by Proctor & Gamble in 2017. (Quick side note their original founder exited in 2019, I am curious to know if this was always the plan or if he was unhappy with the direction his brand was taking.)   This mom said she was very happy with Native and she loved the way is smelled.  She said she was sure they ingredients were not as good as mine but it worked for her. 

I know, I know, she didn't actually ask for a face-off, but her comment made me have to research for my own knowledge.  It saddens me to say this, but I have had to come to the realization that my product is not for everyone and many will never care enough to stray from the grocery store norm.

Now those were fighting words.  The only way to get to the bottom of this was to have a FACE-OFF!  LOL



Believe it or not, I didn't come up with this term.  I was talking to a customer when she paused, smiled and said, "What you make is Holistic Deodorant". That left me speechless for a moment.  I had never heard that before but when I thought about it I became proud and excited to own it!

I now call my deodorant holistic because I feel the need to differentiate and define my vision of natural. Why? Because the "Natural" we see on almost all our store shelves has been hijacked by corporate America. It breaks my heart to know that people who only want to improve their health are being misled every day. The word "Natural" has come to mean almost anything that is not entirely toxic for your body. 

I call my deodorant holistic because I intentionally choose every ingredient.  I think beyond just how the deodorant will look and feel. I consider how EARTH Trace Mineral Deodorant will impact your overall health; why? Because I know everything that is applied to our skin enters our bloodstream within 26 seconds. This means that whatever is in a product will make its way through your entire body in a short time. I formulate with with Diatomaceous Earth and Organic Essential Oils to assist your body's natural detox and support overall health and well-being.  I call my deodorant holistic because I want EARTH Trace Mineral Deodorant to do more than cover funk.



The first thing I need to point out; finding a complete list of Native's ingredients is not easy. They employ Greenwashing tactic 164: Distract customers from the full ingredient list by featuring beautiful pictures of key ingredients. Then they follow-up with tactic 165: Encourage customers to "view all ingredients" using a button; but when the button is clicked they fail to include the fragrance oil blend. I had to do a google search to find the complete list. I am still not sure where on their site the full list can be found. Once I found the full list the last ingredient immediately stood out to me. It is not an ingredient but a statement, "Our scented deodorants include a proprietary blend of oils". Although this is factually true, what does it mean? Sadly, this statement is an example of another Greenwashing tactic. The one where they redirect your attention so you don't ask questions. As a formulator, I know what the statement is really saying. They are telling you they do not use essential oils. They also tell you they legally do not need to tell you what is in their fragrance blend. If you are aware of a specific allergy or sensitivity, you will need to take your chances or not use the product. The worst part about using these chemicals is that the worst reactions are not usually the ones you see right away. They are the ones that result from prolonged use. Finally, imagine how many people never looked any further than the main product listing page on the Native site?




"Greenwashing: also called "green sheen," is a form of marketing spin in which green PR and green marketing are deceptively used to persuade the public that an organization's products, aims and policies are environmentally friendly" (Wikipedia).  

I like this definition because it highlights how pervasive this deceptive practice is, but there is still a HUGE thing the definition leaves out. Greenwashing at the formulation stage, before there is a product to market or campaign about. It is this stage I focused on when conducting my comparison. More importantly, the choices made during the formulation stage will impact your health, making it the most crucial step. However, it is still essential to understand the messaging tactics that encourage customers not to look too closely at or question what their labels are telling them.

The comparison has been organized into four parts.  

  1. List and explain Native's ingredients.  
  2. Compare and contrast of Native ingredients and EARTH's formulation. 
  3. List and explain EARTH's Ingredients.
  4. Additional reasons you will want to try EARTH Trace Mineral Deodorant


1.  Native Deodorant Ingredients*

caprylic/capric triglyceride - A fatty acid-based filler most commonly made from Coconut or Palm Oil. It is a stabilizer and increases shelf-life. It isn't easy to find documentation on which oil (coconut or palm) is more commonly used when producing caprylic/capric triglyceride. Because coconut oil is 10 to 12 times more expensive than palm oil, I assume it is palm. Then I ask myself what choice I think a company that uses Ozokerite rather than a plant-based wax would make.  


TRUE STORY: When I first began to formulate, I found what I thought was a super cool ingredient. It had a cute name, Butter EZ. Aka Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride. It seemed like a miracle ingredient to a young formulator. I noticed it was palm oil, but at the time, I didn’t care because it worked. Over the years, as my understanding grew, so did my commitment to what I call “Whole Ingredient Formulating.” I believe in formulating with real plant ingredients, not chemical conglomerates, even if those fillers are plant-based.  


TAPIOCA STARCH - A gluten-free thickener. In deodorant, it is used to absorb moisture.  


OZOKERITE - petroleum-based wax is not plant-based but is not animal-based, so it can be argued it is vegan. Has been found in pollutants washed up on beaches. Ozokerite does occur naturally, but most Ozokerite used in the industry is derived from petroleum. It is a potential environmental pollutant and can be contaminated with hydrocarbons. One thing to consider is why would a company prefer to use a petroleum-based ingredient instead of a plant-based one?


SODIUM BICARBONATE (baking soda) - used to neutralize odor can also provide moisture absorption. Many people have sensitivities to baking soda. I see this quite frequently. It typically presents as a red rash, bumps, irritation, and sometimes a dark discoloration.  


Magnesium Hydroxide - This is a mineral-based ingredient. It is a PH balancer and helps the deodorant stay within a proper ph, which helps reduce odor naturally.


Coconut Oil - Unrefined coconut oil contains 50% Lauric Acid is high in antimicrobial properties, which help neutralize bacterias that cause odor.  I do not know if Native uses refined or unrefined. I only know it is not Organic like ours


Cyclodextrin - A sugar glucose-based polymer, its molecular shape helps it hold/contain substances. In the case of deodorant or any body care product with a fragrance, it encapsulates the scent and makes the consumer feel they are getting a deal.  


Shea Butter - A naturally moisturizing butter made from seeds of Shea trees. It has antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties, which make it suitable for deodorant. It is also highly moisturizing, which is great for your skin.  


dextrose - This is a sugar. It has a sweet scent which is why it is issued in body care products. Some people state concerns about its use during pregnancy, but this is not proven. Most people will not consume or apply high enough amounts to cause issues to the Baby or Mother. 


Lactobacillus Acidophilus (probiotic) (LA)- The concept of probiotics in deodorants is that they will kill the microbes that cause odor. The reason we don't use LA is it is a gut probiotic.  This means the microbes it targets are not commonly found on the skin or under the arm, which will limit any effect it may have.  LA is also a natural preservative which we have used in my formulas.  We do not use LA it in our deodorant because our water-free formula does not require the introduction of any preservative.    

* There are two probiotics that would be more effective in skin products for the skin, they are Staphylococcus Epidermidis and Propionibacterium Acnes because they target skin bacteria.  The reason you rarely see these in formulas is they are very difficult to source.


"Our scented deodorants include a proprietary blend of oils" This is Native's phrasing at the end of their ingredient list. What it means is they use fragrance oils. Fragrance oils, natural or artificial, will always be proprietary; you will never know what is in the oil. I assume Native uses synthetic fragrances because stating natural is a selling point, and they have chosen not to say it.  


*The only difference between the regular and the sensitive formulas is the baking soda and fragrance have been removed from the sensitive formula.  



2. Compare and contrast of Native ingredients and EARTH's formulation. 




caprylic/capric triglyceride

We only use 1.5% of plant-based filler.  This is Native’s first ingredient.  We also do not support palm oil which is the primary ingredient in CCT


We use Organic Arrowroot


We use Candelilla wax from the desert shrub.


We choose not to use this ingredient because many people have reactions to it.  It does help neutralize  odor but we find when paired with essential oils it also neutralizes their scent.

magnesium hydroxide 

A mineral-based ph balancer.  It is a good ingredient.

coconut oil 

Coconut is a good ingredient that we also use.


Commonly used in products containing fragrance oils.  It is a scent amplifier that helps the fragrance last longer.  Its use is a perfect example of how large corporations include ingredients with no real purpose except to deceive.  The formulators know a long-lasting scent will make users feel they are getting a good value from their natural product.  When in reality, very little about this product is natural.  This practice is known as Greenwashing, a well-known practice within the formulating world.

shea butter

We choose to use Illipe Butter, similar to Shea, but its Fairtrade story and impact on Rainforest preservation align with our core values more closely.  Please look for a future blog on Illipe Butter.


We do not use this ingredient.  It is more common in formulas that contain fragrance oils

Lactobacillus Acidophilus

Conceptually the use of probiotics is excellent.  We do not use this probiotic because it targets gut microbes not present on the skin, giving it limited effectiveness.

Fragrance Oils (not in the sensitive formula)

We NEVER use fragrance oils




3.  Sabali Earth Trace Mineral Deodorant Ingredients



Sabali EARTH Ingredient

Reasons for using

Organic Arrowroot Powder

A gluten-free food-grade moisture absorber. We use this as our first ingredient to make our deodorant more absorbent. 

Organic Rice Bran Oil

A gluten-free oil lightens undesired dark spots under arms and conditions skin, helping reduce razor burn.

Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

We love love love this unique addition.  Made from crushed fossils, its pulling properties, including heavy metals, aid the body’s natural detox process.  

FairTrade Organic Illipe Butter

This skin-loving butter is full of nutrients but it’s environmental and social impact will truly make you smile

FairTrade Organic Coconut Oil

Its 50% Lauric Acid content conditions skin and reduces inflammation, making it great for preventing razor burn.  We use it in moderation so our coconut oil will not clog pores or stain shirts.  

Candelilla Wax

A plant based wax derived from a desert shrub.  It gives our deodorant its firmness.

Zinc Ricinoleate

Zinc wrapped in castor oil pulls and encapsulates odor to help you stay fresher longer. 

Diheptyl Succinate, Capryloyl Glycerin/Sebacic Acid Copolymer

No one wants a product with silicone, but its silky feel is hard to beat. This plant-based ingredient mimics silicone but is made from Castor and Coconut Oils. It helps our deodorant achieve its exceptional non-crumbly glide.

Essential Oil Blend

These unique blends smell great, are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and help gently balance hormones.  WE NEVER USE FRAGRANCE OILS; not even “natural” ones.


A tree resin/sap its sweet vanilla-like scent make it great covering odor

Vitamin E

Conditions and supports cell turnover, which lightens the underarm.  A natural preservative (not in the formal sense) that slows oxidation and extends ingredient life.  Vitamin E also helps with odor. 


Vitamin E is housed in a carrier oil.  The standard concentration fluctuates between 27 to 32% vitamin E to oil ratio.  The High-grade vitamin E we use fluctuates between 79-87%!  Big Difference.  The benefits of our vitamin E far surpass that found in your local drug store. 


Gratitude is the final ingredient in all our products. We are grateful for nature, our health and the beautiful souls who support our vision by using our products.  


4. Additional reasons why you will want to try EARTH Trace Mineral Deodorant

  • Diatomaceous Earth - We are one of the few, if not the only, deodorant company to use Diatomaceous Earth. We use DE because it works with your body's natural detox process by gently pulling toxins, including heavy metals, from your system.
  • Whole Ingredients w/ Limited Fillers - We are committed to herbal formulation and whole ingredients. Read our labels. You will see the difference. Very few companies formulate as we do.
  • We Never Use Fragrance Oils - Fragrance oil formulas are always proprietary. We believe that you are entitled to know every ingredient in the products you put on your skin. It is your largest organ.  
  • Pure Essential Oils We only work with reputable companies that certify the purity and quality of their ingredients through the use of third-party organizations.
  • Essential Oils - Help to balance your hormones naturally.
  • No Endocrine Blockers
  • Organic Ingredients - We use the highest amount of Organic Ingredients possible. None of Native's ingredients are Organic.
  • FairTrade Ingredients - support our vision of an equitable world. We are incredibly proud to include Illipe butter in our formulations. This little-known butter is similar to Shea but with enormous social and environmental impact. 
  • Vegan Ingredients & Vegan Packaging - We line our tubes with Candelilla wax rather than beeswax.
  • FSC Certified Tubes - Our tubes are made from post-consumer materials. They are recyclable and compostable! Unlike Native, who still use plastic packaging, Sabali Pure Face & Body's eco-conscious values our tubes are plastic-free. We refuse to burden the environment with plastic. Studies show that, sadly, only 9 to 12% of the plastic marked eligible for recycling will BE recycled. This horrendous statistic is why ALL our tubes are plastic-free. 
  • Check out this article for more detail on plastic recycling


    Thank you for taking the time to read. We would love your comments and thoughts. We are happy to answer any questions you have. We desire to build a community one holistic deodorant at a time. Let's stay in contact. Please support the vision by following, liking, and subscribing.

    In Gratitude,