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FRESH Coconut & Peppermint Oil Dental Floss infused with Coffee or Charcoal (twin pack)

$10.00 $12.00

Get the best of both worlds.  Coffee introduces negative ions making a plaque magnet while Charcoal detoxifies and removes stains.  

Flossing, step 2, of our Healthy Mouth System integral to maintaining a healthy mouth and should be part of your daily ritual. 

Flossing is an absolute must for healthy gums. Healthy gums help ensure our beautiful teeth will stick around.  

Why Infuse Coffee?
Coffee emits negative ions, which attract the positive ions of plaque. Making our floss is a plaque magnet. Coffee is also a deodorizer; seriously, who doesn’t love the smell of fresh ground coffee?

Why Infuse Charcoal?
Almost everyone knows that activated charcoal removes stains, and is a great breath freshener, but did you know it can also balance your mouth’s micro-biome and reduce acid both of which help prevent cavities.

Why Use Peppermint Oil?
Peppermint Oil is antiseptic and antibacterial; it helps eliminate germs on the gum line, which reduces redness and puffiness; and like Coffee, it is a super deodorizer.  

Why Use Coconut Oil?

In addition to its antibacterial properties, coconut oil helps the floss glide more comfortably between your teeth. 

Happy Bees

We use candelilla wax which keeps our floss vegan and Bees HAPPY! 

No Box? What’s the Deal?

Finally, our decision not to create individual boxes for our floss bottles was intensional. It’s a small thing, but the cumulative impact isn't.