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Body & Soul Inspired Bundle (includes an EARTH Trace Mineral Deodorant, SMOOTH Lip Hydrator & a Big 4 Mini Astrological Birth Chart Reading)

$95.00 $115.00

This special bundle offers two of my favorite things so you can nourish your body and your Soul.

For your body, you will choose your favorite EARTH Deodorant and SMOOTH Lip Hydrator.

For the Soul, you will receive a Big4 Mini Chart Reading; this unique service will show you how the placement of your Sun, Moon, Rising Sign, and North & South Nodes explain your personality, life path and life purpose.

You will be sent your products and an email with instructions on how to order your Big4 Astrology Mini Chart Reading.

The regular price for the body care product is $36, and a Big4 Mini Chart Reading is $75 for total value of $111.